Lightning Detector Status Screen

This display will update once a minute, and has several controls that you can adjust. Across the top of the screen are three controls:

History - Determines either the past 30 minutes, or the past 60 minutes of lightning activity that is to be replayed.

View Range -
    "Full" - displays all lightning activity within a 375 mile range of Rochester, N.Y.
   "Zoom" - displays all lightning activity within a 180 mile range of Rochester, N.Y.

Event Loop -
   "Run" - starts the replay of all lightning strikes that occurred within the timeframe selected by the "History" setting.
   "Stop" - stops the replay, and returns the display to the current time.

NOTE:  If there has been no activity within the timeframe selected under "History", the "Run" button will not work.




"Strikes Total" is number of Strikes in the selected History Period.

+ CG Positive cloud to ground strike                 - CG Negative cloud to ground strike

+ IC Positive in cloud or intra-cloud strike         - IC Negative in cloud or intra-cloud strike